Agency Policy

This document sets out the Company policy and procedures to be followed where there is a need to place a candidate with a third party client. The information provided here serves as a guide only. In all cases, the guidelines promulgated in the Equal Opportunities Policy are also to be followed.

The following procedure is to be carried out on every occasion where there is a need to place a candidate with a client:

1. Complete a Registration Form, and ensure it is discussed with and signed off by a Director of the Company. This form requires a justification for the position as well as:

· an up-to-date job description and person specification;

· agreed advertisement wording and medium for publication; and

· cost of client fees and salary guidelines for the position.

2. The form must be forwarded to the relevant consultant for consideration.

3. Terms and Conditions of fees and salary guides must be provided to the client to read, sign and return to the agency within 7 days of the clients’ registration.

4. All Clients requirements will be considered to establish and match suitable candidates for the job.

5. Candidates CVs will be considered by the relevant consultant.

6. If your qualifications and skills meet the standards of Hopscotch Agency, the relevant consultant will make contact with you and discuss the best way to secure employment.

7. Should your request be turned down, you may find the reasons why by speaking to the relevant consultant.

8. All arrangements for interviews, letters, etc. will be the responsibility of the relevant consultant, who will update you regularly on progress of the job search.

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