Contract guidelines

When you have made an offer of employment to the Nanny and the offer is accepted unconditionally, then a contract of employment comes into existence. The terms of this contract can be oral, written implied or a mixture of all three.

You are required by law however to provide a written contract to the Nanny within two months of their start date with you. We would recommend that you issue and have signed your contract prior to their employment commencement with you. Both parties need to sign and retain a copy of the contract.

The contract is a legal and binding document and requires the following details to be included:

* Employer/Employee details
* Job title
* Place of work
* Start date of employment
* Main duties

Terms and Conditions:

* Salary remuneration (Net)
* Working hours
* Holiday entitlement
* Sick leave/pay
* Benefits (e.g.. car, discretionary bonus, annual pay rise etc.
* Notice periods required
* Discipline procedure

We would be more than happy to provide you with a sample contract template if required.

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