Fee Guides and Salaries

Fees are not presently subject to VAT

Payments must be made within 7 working days of invoice issued.

The following terms of payment are accepted:

BACS, Cheque Debit Card and Credit Card

Payments made by BACS or Cheque do not incur any administration charges. Payments made by Credit Cards incur a 2.4% administration charge.

For further information regarding our terms and conditions please see terms and conditions.

Fee Guides

· Uk Daily Nanny fees 5x Nanny’s weekly net salary

· Uk live in Nannies 6x Nanny’s weekly net salary

· Abroad Placements 20% of Annual Salary

· Permanent Babysitter £150.00 annual fee

· UK Temp Nannies £30.00 per day

· Holiday Nannies £180.00 per week

Nanny salaries

· Live out daily £9 - £12 net per hour

· Live in Nanny £350 -£500 per week

· 6 days 24 hour care £500 - £700 per week

· Temp Nanny from £12 per hour

· Weekend Nanny £12 - £15 per hour

· Afterschool Nanny £10 - £15 per hour

· Maternity Nanny £600 net per week

Housekeepers salaries

Full time Live out daily £400 - £500 net per week

Full time Live-in £350 - £450 net per week

Part time £9 - £10 net per hour

Temporary from £12 per hour

Au pairs

From £150 weekly

Day nannies usually work between 10 – 12 hours per day.  Most daily nannies are happy to babysit one or two nights during the week, but this is usually paid in addition to the nanny’s weekly net salary.  There are always exceptions; especially if you offer your nanny extra perks (i.e. private use of a car, shorter work week, late starts with full salary etc.)

Families often employ live-in nannies for the sake of convenience.  Live-in Nannies benefit from not having to travel to work and having free accommodation. Live-in nannies are usually expected to work longer hours than a daily nanny – in the region of 60 hours per week.  It is also expected of a live-in nanny to do 1-2 nights of babysitting each week.   Unlike a daily nanny, these 1-2 nights of babysitting are not paid in addition to their weekly net salary.

After school nannies and weekend nannies are the hardest to come by.  After school nanny jobs also pay more as they require the nanny to work afternoons during the academic year and full-time during the holidays.   This varying schedule hinders the nanny in finding supplemental employment elsewhere.

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