All About Himalayan Crystal Salt and Halotherapy

Speleo therapy sessions take place in the purest natural surroundings enhanced with negative ions without any external equipment such as halo generators etc. Salt walls within the mine's chamber function as dry salt particles which shields the air inside the underground Speleo (natural salt mine) healing chambers. They keep it clean and clear of bacteria.

In simple terms, this process of Speleotherapy is a natural treatment method that can treat diverse respiratory conditions. You can also visit to book an halotherapy session. With the passage of time, more people are aware of the health benefits associated with speleotherapy, yet they find it challenging and tiring to travel to the mining areas for the benefits of the speleotherapy. 

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Therefore, they began thinking about alternative methods to manage their illnesses. Scientists had already recognized the potential of speleotherapy and its many health advantages. Eastern European scientists had been exploring ways that would be affordable and accessible to patients suffering from respiratory ailments. 

They eventually overcame the problem and came up with a feasible solution. Their dreams came true when in the year 1980, they began construction of their Halotherapy chambers for clinics and other above-ground facilities. This incredible achievement in reviving the healthy effects of microclimate that are similar to those found in underground salt mines has created inexpensive natural healing possibilities for patients suffering from respiratory illnesses.

Speleotherapy is a non-invasive alternative to treatment for respiratory ailments, asthma or immune system issues, and other ailments.