All About Instrument Cluster Problems

An instrument cluster refers to the collection of gauges, dials, and lights above the steering wheel, which tells you what's happening in your vehicle. The instrument cluster of your car will last for the entire life of the vehicle and should not be in trouble. 

If one of the clusters fails, however, it can cause problems that range from minor (the engine doesn't start) to severe (the gas gauge won't register), to extremely dangerous (the oil indicator stops working).

Instrument Cluster

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What can go wrong with Instrument Cluster – Some of the most common errors include:

  • Inaccurate readings and non-functional gauges.

  • LCD not stuck or fluttering needles

  • Indicator lights that have been burned out

  • Backlighting with dark spots or burned out

  • Loss of LCD display, erratic operation (number 8, showing as 0).

How do you fix Instrument Cluster – These problems are not easy to fix. These problems require special tools, knowledge, and parts to work properly. You will also need patience because most of these repairs require very small parts, motors, or electronic components.

Designers have concluded that gauges like oil pressure, which are rarely used, can be removed from instrument clusters to make the most of space and meet all the requirements of demanding customers. You can even search online for more information about instrument clusters.