All About Moonman Fountain Pen

Moonman fountain pens are a great advertising idea because of their portability.  Some Moonman fountain pens are also platinum cases in which they are placed to provide additional protection. The internal mechanisms of these Moonman fountain pens, however, are similar to those of ordinary fountain pens.

Moonman fountain pen sets are excellent gift items, as they can also be personalized. The person to whom this gift is being given, or the special occasion logo, their name is often engraved on them. For more information about moonman fountain pen visit

 Moonman Fountain Pen

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In addition to being gift items, Moonman fountain pens are also collectible. Many people who collect pens have ancient and old Moonman fountain pens. As a result of their platinum bodies, these pens can withstand heavy pressures and are unaffected by weather changes and are, therefore, intact for years to come.

Moonman-plated fountain pens are made by all major pen producing companies but are somewhat limited in version as they are more expensive than regular fountain pens. The prices of these Moonman fountain pens depend not only on the quantity and quality of platinum used for the outer body but also on the content of the nib.

In the case of a gold nib, the price increases automatically. Prices also depend on what is sold with the pen, such as a pen stand that can also be made of the platinum, platinum inkpot, and platinum-plated pen cases.