Body Sugaring – An Alternative to Traditional Hair Removal in Edmonton

Body sugaring is a hair removal method and is similar to a wax mask. For this reason, it is often referred to as a sugar wax mask. This hair removal method originated in Edmonton and has been practiced for nearly 4,000 years. 

In this regard, it has been a long time since the introduction of sugar and it has been so well coordinated that many people prefer this hair removal method over other methods. You can also check more details about body sugaring from

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Although ready-made sugar paste is commercially available, it is fairly easy to make using common household ingredients. The basic recipe for waxing sugar consists of this ratio: 8:1:1 parts water, lemon juice, and sugar each. 

The area where the solution will be applied is usually dusted with powder, usually cornstarch. After applying the application, pieces of paper can be placed on the solution to easily remove the solution and hair. The tape is then removed in one swift motion like a wax mask.

Other materials can be used; It's easy to find recipes online, and they're likely to contain ingredients found in most kitchens. Since sugar products only stick to hair follicles and not skin, it turns out that sugar is less painful than wax masks. The solution can also be applied at a lower temperature than the wax mask, lukewarm, or at room temperature. 

If a strand of hair is missed during the process, it is gentle enough to reapply without fear of damaging the skin. The cleaning process is much easier than wax masks or using a chemical depilatory and leaves no resin (except for products that contain guar gum).