Calf Nutrition And Colostrum Management

The welfare of farmed animal regulations require that every calf must get bovine colostrum within the first 6 hours of life. To be able to fight the typical ailments like scour, etc.. newborn calf rely entirely on a source of colostrum for the supply of antibodies and vitamins D and A.

The greatest amounts of antibody are observed from the very first milk after calving. The efficacy of antibody absorption declines gradually from birth and it's most important that the calf get colostrum within the first 6 hours of life. To learn more about calf health you may go through

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At the first 20 minutes of life, calves need to have a quantity of colostrum equal to 5 percent of the body weight. This usually means that a calf with a birth weight of 40kg requires about 2 liters. Give two liters immediately and 2 liters following 6 hours. For your calf to take in two liters of colostrum, it has to suckle the mother for at least 20 minutes.

Colostrum only comprises antibodies against these ailments where the dam was exposed. It doesn't offer protection from parasites. The colostrum out of heifers is very likely to include a smaller selection of antibodies than that out of older cows since they have had less exposure to the diseases which exist on the farm.


-Early consumption of high excellent colostrum is critical to help the calf build natural immunity.

-Great hygiene of their calves environment reduces illness amounts.