Can manual therapy help foot problems?

Manual therapy is becoming somewhat contentious recently. Manual therapy normally covers the physical rehabilitation solutions of manipulation and mobilization. That controversy is based about the shortage of high-quality research which actually reveals it improves outcomes. It does not necessarily imply that this doesn't work, it really signifies that the caliber of the analysis which supports its use is of low quality. One other matter that is making it controversial is if it will help, then how does it help. During the past it was the dramatic cracking noise like a joint is put back into position. All the proof right now shows that that isn't just how it improves outcomes and it most likely helps via some kind of pain interference method offering the sense the pain is better. Not any of this is completely clear and more scientific studies are ongoing to try to resolve this quandry on manual therapy . This poses a issue for health professionals using these kinds of mobilization and manipulation techniques and want to generate choices on how to help out their clients medically and still end up being evidence based in the things they do.

A recent episode of the podiatry live, PodChatLive made an effort to confront these kinds of difficulties when it comes to manual therapy for foot problems. In that particular episode the hosts questioned Dave Cashley who provided his knowledge both from his many years of clinical work and his own research on manual therapy. Dave's research has recently been about its use for intermetatarsal neuroma which is appearing to be encouraging. Dave also gives his belief on a lot of the criticisms which have been directed at manual therapy. David is a podiatrist as well as a highly regarded international presenter and teacher. He is a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons and has now published a number of papers on podiatric manual therapy in the literature recently. Throughout his career, he has dealt with professional sportsmen, top level sports athletes, world champions, worldwide dance companies along with the British armed service.