Cat Urns – A Guide To Selecting The Right One

Over the years we have developed a very special relationship with our feline pets. I am lucky to have several cats in my life. The last one named "Midnight" died a few years ago after a long and happy life.

When choosing an urn for cats over urns for cats, there are a few things to consider.

First, many standard jars, one size fits all jars. But since most cats are smaller, you only need a small jar to do the trick. Usually, before cremation, you will need an urn with a capacity of 1 cubic inch per kilogram of body weight. That means if your cat weighs, say, 5.5 kg, you will need a jar that can hold 11 cubic inches. You can also visit to get the best size cat urn.

Second, there are many types of jars for cats, but one of the most interesting in my opinion is the votive jar for candles. This urn contains a glass sleeve with a candle in it which is mounted directly above the urn. This means you can always light a candle in memory of your friend. Somehow this little fire helped a lot of people bond with their pets.

Third, the final option is to engrave your cat's name on the urn. This usually happens with jars made entirely of wood or metal. This is not possible with ceramic jars. So if engraving is important to you, look for alternative materials.