Choose Custom Printed T-Shirts

It could be for reasons of promotion or simply to make your own unique statement, custom-printed T-Shirts are everywhere recently. With the latest advancements technological advancements, you can find several methods being utilized to print t-shirts.

Techniques for Customizing Shirts:

  • Sublimation printing. This is the kind of Custom-designed T-Shirt that uses ink to turn into gas through heat. It isn't an approach to use because of the limited supply, there is a high demand for synthetic clothes. You can visit to buy custom sublimated t-shirts.


  • Printing using heat. This involves the transfer of pictures or designs to the shirt making use of heat or iron. This is among the most cost-effective methods, however, the disadvantage is that the prints typically have a short time to live. After a couple of washes, the prints are likely to peel or crack leaving an unattractive printed design in the fabric. 
  • Vinyl transfers. This technique is employed to create colored fabrics. It can produce amazing results in terms of color layering. It allows you to pick a variety of colors as well as designs to create your Custom-Printed T-Shirts. 

Additionally, embellishments can be added. In the same way as print-on-demand, heat is utilized to transfer the image. The difference lies in the type of material that is used that is vinyl, and it is cut prior to the heat transfer. This process is generally performed for a single print and can take a long time.