Choose The Best Cladding For Your Home

Cladding refers to an outer layer that has been bonded to the core or inner layer. Metal cladding is specifically used to describe a metal outer layer–cladding–that is bonded to a core metal material. The inner and outer metals are often dissimilar.

Metal cladding refers to a way of protecting one or more metals (or composites) by adding a layer of another metal to the surface using techniques like diffusion, deformation, and lasers. You can search for the best metal cladding for your home via


Cladding has the advantage that both the process and the material can be customized to meet the requirements of the application. Laser beam cladding is also suitable for metallic and ceramic coatings. 

These cases allow for better micro-structure and thermally affect less area. The surfaces can be coated with metal cladding to provide adequate wear resistance. This method can be used for complex shapes.

Also, metal cladding can be used in construction materials. The metal exterior can be bonded to a core made of non-metal. The use of metal cladding in construction can be used to save money, as well as enhance the functionality and appearance of the facade. 

While the facade (or cladding) provides some desirable benefits, its core could offer another set of benefits. Metal-clad siding can protect from rain while its core, perhaps a foam core, provides insulation properties.