Cloud Computing – What Are the Special Characteristics?

Cloud computing is gradually becoming the new dominating service model for provisioning IT resources and services for both enterprises and, indeed, individuals.. These main categories of cloud computing services have been termed as "Infrastructure as a Services", Platform as a Service" and "Software as a Service".

Already there are numerous service providers that either offer services that belong to one or more of these categories. You can also streamline your business with the help of leading providers of cloud services in Perth.

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To give a few examples, some of the most common form of cloud services includes Google Gmail, Facebook and YouTube. These all services are free to base the structure of their income more or less on advertising.

Many are familiar with this type of early Application Service Provisioning (ASP) and hosting services that the company has used in the past, often with good results. People sometimes tend to be confused about the difference between cloud computing, ASP and hosting.

What cloud computing basically have or do that other service models are known not to have? There are definitely a lot of components that these models have in common, but there are some specific characteristics of cloud computing actually have an extra, including the following:

  • Automation – for instance provisioning, troubleshooting and configuration
  • Virtualization – IT infrastructure into virtualization, improve utilization rate
  • Supermarkets – users choose, configure and modify their own resources and services
  • Pay-as-you-go – pay only for what you use, there are upfront costs or minimum
  • Federation and interoperability of cloud – in the future it will be possible to seamlessly go from one cloud to another