Different Kinds Of Transcription Services

In recent years, transcription services have made great strides in developing high-quality services that can be used to address different situations and fields. 

While some individuals and businesses will prefer certain services, others will benefit from the ability of a transcription services or company to meet their diverse transcription needs.

These are the three most in-demand services to which transcription providers devote a lot of energy and time:

Conference Transcription: Research shows that conference attendees retain only a fraction of the information they are given by speakers. This makes it even more crucial to have transcripts available for review after the event. Conference transcription services can be used to cover teleconferences, board meetings, trade show presentations, and employee training sessions.

Focus Group Transcription: It is unlikely that a focus meeting will take place that hasn't been transcribed in some way. Although focus groups are primarily used for market research, the idea of small gatherings to gauge opinions on a particular topic can sometimes be extended to the legal and medical realms.

Legal Transcription: Transcription services don't have the same history and prestige as legal transcription services. A typist who records courtroom proceedings has been an integral part of courtrooms for more than a century. Many transcriptionists have legal backgrounds and cover hearings and interviews as well as court meetings.

These services are performed by professional transcriptionists. Their expertise allows them to handle things that we assume in transcriptions, such as overcoming poor quality recordings, deciphering foreign accents, overlapping voices, formatting transcriptions to make it clear and user-friendly.