Ghost Rider And Spirit Of Vengeance – Marvels Comic Superhero

Ghost rider is one of the famous characters from marvel comics. Many films were made using this character. The majority of the action sequences were watchable and amazing. The Marvel Comics as well as the manufacturers have taken a great deal of time for release the installment of this popular franchise. 

The first installment was released in 2007 and it was a blockbuster hit. Following the blockbuster hit and global audience approval, the manufacturers planned to launch a sequel of the film in 2009. You can buy the latest marvel comics online via

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The movies Ghost Rider and Spirit of Vengeance would be the comic book adaptations of the Marvel Comic character under precisely the exact same name. The very first edition of this book was originally released in 1972 and has been busy till the 1980s.  In late 1990s, the writer of this Marvel Comics introduced the personality and the nature of Ghost Rider, who sometimes appears in additional Marvel Comics of Spiderman, Iron Man and other prominent characters.

The first story in accordance with the comic book is much different from the film but the characters and the storyline would be the same.  From the film Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze strikes a bargain with the devil to heal his dad's cancer in exchange for his soul.  The devil agrees and remedies his dad's cancer, but Johnny's father dies while displaying a stunt. 

The devil tricks Johnny and tells him to maintain the section of his bargain and gave him his own spirit. The devil turns Johnny into a Ghost Rider. At night, he'd turn in the Ghost Rider and traveling through the whole town, collecting all wicked and devilish spirits and assisting innocent people side by side.