How Epoxy Coating Protects Your Floors In Wheatley, ON?

An epoxy floor coating will likely be applied if you are considering a polished concrete floor, designer floor, or other specialized finish. Epoxy is a clear resin with a high level of hardness, which both seals and protects concrete, and other surfaces. This makes the surface non-slip, hygienic, waterproof, hardwearing, and also achieves an attractive finish.

What is an epoxy floor?

Epoxy concrete floor coating are two-component polymers made by combining an epoxy resin with a polyamine hardener. When the two are mixed, what we commonly call an epoxy resin is formed. Epoxy resins have a wide range of commercial and industrial uses well beyond flooring.

Epoxy resins are used to seal, protect, and harden concrete floors and other surfaces such as boards used. In commercial and industrial conditions, epoxy resins are used to make floors more durable. Epoxy resins can also be used to protect graffiti surfaces.

Its water resistance and dust resistance make it a hygienic choice for flooring. It can create a food-grade surface favored by the hospitality industry and is also suitable for wet rooms such as kitchens and toilets.

Many different grades of epoxy coatings are available, designed for different applications. For example, the choice of epoxy for a home will be different than for a commercial space. There are also various options to choose from that can change the final look of the floor.