How Low Domain Names Can Hurt Your Backlinks?

Backlinks are one of the most important factors in search engine optimization. A backlink is simply a link from another website to your web site. In SEO parlance, a backlink is a "referral" in the form of a "vote of confidence". A web site may be an online journal, a blog, or just a simple web page. It doesn't matter because this link is valuable for any webmaster, even if you don't pay for advertising.

You might think that backlinks are links that point to your website, in fact, it is not the case. A backlink is one way of asking for permission to access the content on a particular website. All links have some meaning and can be useful for SEO, but backlinks differ in the way that they are a form of "pay-per-click" advertising. You will be surprised at how many times an Internet user clicks on an ad because of backlinks pointing to the site!

The more backlinks there are to your website, the higher the ranking that your site will get. Generally, backlinks have a positive effect on the ranking, but the quality of backlinks has a lot to do with it. Links with high nofollow scores are of less value since Googlebot doesn't consider them backlinks and doesn't favor them in ranking decisions. If you want your site to rank high for the specific keyword or phrase in which you are targeting, then you have to build tons of nofollow backlinks. It takes time and effort but is worth it.

So how should one go about building backlinks? There are many software tools available online like Google Free Link Checker and Ahrefs that analyze backlinks and tell you how many are worth following and where. These tools like backlinks analyzer will show you the backlinks you should build and the places on the Internet where you can acquire them. But don't rely on these tools alone, practice what you learn and use at your own discretion.

One good way of building backlinks is through article marketing. Submit your articles to free article directories like EzineArticles and be sure that the resource box below the article includes a link to your website. Backlinks from quality sites that are respected by Google and other search engines will not have much effect on your ranking, but high-quality backlinks are still beneficial. Writing articles and submitting them to article directories helps expose your site to millions of Internet users worldwide. As you create and distribute articles, people will come across them in the search engines and check out your website.

Article marketing also allows you to build up your network of inbound links. This is why it's important to submit fresh and quality articles to article directories. If your articles are well-written and have great content, it will be easy for you to obtain backlinks in no time. The more backlinks you build, the better position your site will be in the search engines and the higher your page rank will become.

Social media is another popular means of generating backlinks. Social media is an informal method of sharing information and publicizing your website. It can help you get backlinks from other webmasters who are into the same business as you. However, you should keep in mind that social media takes time to develop. In most cases, you won't be able to receive backlinks instantly but through constant use, you will gradually build your network of backlinks and be able to receive backlinks much faster than social media.

Low domain names can also hurt your backlinks. When you have a low domain name, Google and other search engines cannot find your site easily. Even though it can take some time for your backlinks to become active, the negative effect it can have on your rankings will be lessened with time.