How Much Does Perth Tile Installation Cost

Tiles are one of the most durable and versatile materials which is the reason most homeowners choose to tile their homes. If your tile installation is done correctly and by a professional, it can last more than 15 years without the need to be renovated. The cost of installation of tiles varies from work to work.

The size of the tile room, type of tile and how much preparation work is needed and where the tile installation takes place will affect the tile quote. However, you can save money on tile installation by getting affordable tiling in Perth from Gun Tiling The average tile installation fee is between R70.00 – R90.00 per square meter. It's for delivery only and does not include material and preparation work.

What affects the cost of installing tiles?

Type of tiles

Ceramics, stone, porcelain, wood lock, cement – there are so many types of tiles. Some require more or labour to install correctly and some are much simpler to install. Additionally, they each come with different price tags that impact the cost of your tiling job.

Quality of tiles

Needless to say, the more expensive tiles,  the more your overall tiling quotes will be.  What to remember is to complete your budget in advance and buy the best quality tiles you can afford. Skimping on quality now will be charged later. Cheaper tiles can pop or crack more easily resulting in you having to retile again.