How To Choose The Correct Velux Windows For Your Project

From time to time there are opportunities for homeowners to make some improvements to their property. This project can be as big as an entirely new house or as small as an attic extension. However, Velux windows will be a worthy addition to any home. They not only add a unique design feature but also allow more natural light into the home than regular vertical windows can provide. They are also very inexpensive and come with long-term warranties from many well-known manufacturers.

When examining the space to be converted, you should have an idea of what effect you want to achieve. Natural lighting is very important because it makes the room look more spacious during the day. Velux windows are ideal for extensions, as they compensate for the loss of a normal window that breaks in the outer wall and their height ensures that plenty of natural light reaches the furthest corners of the room. When planning a project, it's a good idea to take measurements and determine how many skylights you want to install.

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The Velux windows not only provide more natural light but also ensure plenty of air circulation when opened. This brings us to the way homeowners like to open windows. In spaces such as the kitchen, skylights are very useful for removing steam and smoke. After deciding on the number of skylights to install, their position, and type, you need to decide on the coating and glazing.

Velux windows are optionally available with a warm natural wood finish or a modern white polyurethane look. If your other windows are white, we recommend sticking with the same design. White polyurethane is also recommended for rooms in your home that experience a lot of humidity, such as kitchens and bathrooms.