How To Clean Your Oculus Rift Padding

The Oculus Rift continues to be one of the best headphones in the VR world. It is accessible, convenient, and offers an immersive gaming experience. Additional gadgets like sensors and extension cables make this experience even better. 

However, the main drawback of this handset is its coating and many people are not able to figure it out. This article will show you how to clean your Oculus Rift Pad and keep it safe for you and other users. You can also Order Oculus Quest 1 & Rift S Prescription Lenses Online through VR Wave.

The design of the Oculus Rift looks flawless and the design team has done everything they can to reduce the inconvenience usually associated with VR headphones. Its wide range of gameplay, soft lining, accessories for the best Quest 2, and high-accuracy controllers make it a preferred choice for many.

But one thing spoils it all – foam padding, prone to sweat and odor absorption. If you sweat a lot, you may soon find that you don't like this layer. 

Sweating will immediately affect the growth of bacteria, which can affect the health of you or other users who share the headset with you. The worst thing is that it gets fun when you're playing a game that requires a lot of movement.

At a time like this, two things can happen. Remove your Oculus Rift headphones or find out how to clean Oculus Rift pads. And since your health is just as important as fun and relaxation, cleansing is the better option.