How To Install PureOS With Balena Etcher

Who doesn’t know macOS? Probably you have that same sleek and classically modern aesthetic desktop environment you’ve grown to love and fond for many years as it serves as your functional primary operating system. A creation by Apple that is exclusive and only for Apple Mac Personal Computers, with the newest release of macOS Catalina 10.5, it is equipped with 39 languages and written in Objective C, C, C++, and Swift as a closed-source operating system. The macOS is widely recognized for its intuitive design interface, intended for users alike to feel calm with its pleasant display that feels easy to the eyes, featuring the seamless dropdown menus and transitions, minimalistic fonts, and user-friendly set-up along with other obvious prominent softwares, the list goes on and on as we dive into the Apple’s unique OS.

As a Linux user who doesn’t want to abandon ship or simply a new user who can’t seem to move on from the experience of using macOS, yet want to venture to the wondrous world of Linux, no worries. What makes Linux so appealing and which is known for, is its versatility to accommodate users and satisfy their computing needs that’ll fit their daily lifestyle. Well, Linux doesn’t fail nor disappoint. Today, we’re going to introduce you to an operating system that looks like macOS. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Created by Purism, PureOS is a GNU/Linux distro based on Debian that offers security and privacy-centric operating systems for users with all the newest technologies and can be booted on a separate USB stick or CD drive. You can use USB Image Writer software like Etcher to install PureOS and you can get USB ISO Burner from balenaetcher website.


Sponsored by Free Software Foundation, it provides open-source and free softwares, well packed for applications for graphics, games, internet, science, programming, sound, and video. It also highlights a privacy default feature like DuckDUckGo and automatic enabled HTTPS Everywhere browser extension. Fully featured and auditable OS, well suited for users who’s utmost privacy and security is their top priority, the design is intended for IT/Security division or any enterprise that involves data or system breach. Protecting your daily usage of digital life as you navigate through socials and other media, it’s indeed attested and verified by software and security developers.