How To Prepare Your Child For Moving To Primary School

When we think about the planning for staring at our kids in school we tend to think of all the practical things.

Buying books and getting them covered, trying uniforms to get the right size, fittings for shoes, and hoping they will last more than a couple of months, however, the most essential preparation we can do is to prepare our kid in their primary years of ages 6-11 for this big event in their lives.

By now the school has been chosen and you probably know who your child's teacher will be. If you know any children who will also be staring in the same school it's a nice idea to have them over for a play date to make sure that your child sees familiar faces on their first day.

Even if they won't have the same teacher they will still see each other in the schoolyard.

Make sure your child gets involved in making choices when it comes to school bags, pencil cases, and all the stationery needed to get started.

The small child picked a bright sparkly hard case. All you could think was he is so going to be picked on if he turns up to primary school with that case.

This is where the parent's common sense has to take priority over a child's preference.