Introduction to fertigation manager and methods

The word fertigation is derived from two words known as fertilization and irrigation (fertilization + irrigation). Fertigation managers perform work for cultivation teams such as nutrient feeding, irrigation, etc.

Always hands-on people are given this responsibility and opportunity and he has worked in any organization related to this field. You can also get more information regarding advanced greenhouse fertigation systems online.

Fertigation Irrigation Greenhouse Computer

When using fertigation, fertilizers results are ready in advance in-stock containers and the solution is then inserted into the irrigation river. The most used fertigation methods to do so are the measurable method and the relative method.

The measurable method is commonly used in loans. In this fertigation technique, the cultivator first decides how much manure he needs to apply per part (e.g. kg/ha, lbs/acre).

This amount of manure is then carried through the irrigation system. The relative technique is mostly used in soil-less media and sandy loams.

In this technique, a clear amount of the standard solution is inserted into each unit of water flowing through the irrigation scheme (e.g. l/m3, lbs/gal).

Some fertigation supervisors permit the cultivator to directly define the required dose rate, while other supervisors require the contribution of time and flow limits (irrigation flow amount, irrigation time, injector release, injection period).