Is PPC Bid Management Software a Substitute For Expert Consultants?

PPC bid management software and applications are touted as an effective and inexpensive way to start running your own PPC marketing campaign website.

Developers are very demanding of software's ability to monitor, track, and manage strategies for managing their pay-per-click bids. However, can a PPC bid management software solution replace the human touch?

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A number of well-known pay-per-click account management companies have experimented to see how effective PPC bid management software is and have come to the surprising conclusion that the software is good enough, but the human touch makes it even better.

A bid management strategy is an essential part of a pay per click campaign. Often times, the best keywords for your business are fiercely competitive. Many companies try to get the highest prices and get the best ad slots. If you're underbidding, your ad may move away from the page your prospects can find – and from you. If you bid too high, you win the coveted spot – but you are paying more for your ad than you should. Deciding how much keywords cost requires a human touch. However, most bids can actually be automated using the software.

It's the human touch that really matters – not so much about managing PPC bids as in other parts of making your ad campaign effective. Bid management software, on the other hand, automates the more annoying aspects of monitoring and setting up pay-per-click advertising campaigns and works pretty well when PPC professionals set it up with the right setup.

This is why most of the top PPC account management companies now use PPC bid management software – not as a substitute for expert PPC advice, but as a tool to release experts to focus on the creative side of an advertising campaign. And let's face it – although computers are very good at tracking deals and following instructions, most of them aren't creative geniuses