Learn About Snake Toxins and Venoms

Venomous snakes may be a big boon in reducing pests like rats and they may play a part in keeping nature’s equilibrium, but they certainly are not welcome guests inside your home. Every year, several people die around the world because of snakebites.

But the venom came from these deadly snakes can actually help us to cure many diseases as well. Now, snake venom is available online. You can know more about snake venom online from reputable websites.

snake venom

So what’s the secret of snake venom and why is it so deadly?

There are powerful toxins at work in snake venom that can kill you by attacking your body in different ways. The most usual toxic venom that organisms use to kill other vertebrates like us is neurotoxic venom.

Not only snakes but pufferfish, some scorpions and spiders use this kind of venom, which attack the nerve cells of the victim, causing almost immediate paralysis and eventual death.

By attacking neurons, this kind of venom can cause your body to shut down completely, which is the favourite hunting and defensive strategy of snakes like the cobra. This is one of the quickest and most efficient venoms in the natural world.

Snakes such as rattlesnakes and other pit vipers use a venom called hemotoxic venom. This is a very painful way to go because hemotoxins attack red blood cells, disrupts blood clotting, and cause often permanent tissue damage. This kind of venom has a very good chance to cost you a limb if it doesn’t take your life altogether.

Rattlesnakes and certain other venomous snakes have venom that can cause necrosis, which is the unnatural death of cells and living tissue. This is a really excruciating way to go. So responsibility in handling and dealing with snakes is the preferred course of action.