Migration to Australia: Legal Services for Migration Agents

The Australian Migration Agents offer many legal services in addition to visa processing and immigration assistance. Not only are they registered as migration agents, but they have also experienced lawyers who have practiced in many areas of Australian Law for many years.

 They can offer a wider range of services beyond just immigration like Investment Migration for Australia for some clients. Many of their clients, who have settled down successfully in Australia over the years, would often come to them for legal assistance.

1. Administrative Law

Administrative Law is a system of accountability that applies to government decisions about specific cases and not general policymaking. You will require the assistance of administrative lawyers when dealing with government agencies for any type of decision, appeal, or review of an earlier decision regarding a case in which you or your company might be involved.

2. Construction and Building Law

A contract or agreement between a contractor and a client is what creates a residential or commercial property. These disputes often require legal professionals to intervene between the two parties. These are the guidelines for legal services that can be used to resolve disputes of this nature:

  •  Building Defects
  • Building Disputes
  • Amendments to the Home Building Act 1989
  • 1999 Building & Construction Industry Security of Payment Act