NFTS And The Secondary Market

One unique aspect of NFT-based art that doesn’t really exist in the offline art world is the ability to profit from the secondary market. Offline, once you sell your artwork, it’s gone. You don’t really get anything from it if and when it resells for more.

This feature alone is the number one reason why NFT is great for content creators. This allows them to focus on creating the artwork without worrying too much about the initial sale price. In the future, if their work becomes popular, they can only earn a significant amount on the secondary market.

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Entering the world of NFT has never been easier. There are many markets available for NFT. We'll see what makes them different in a moment, but first, let's talk about how to create NFT.

First, you need Metamask. It is a Chrome extension that acts as your virtual wallet and can interact with the platform to buy and sell your artwork on the blockchain. It acts as both a wallet and an electronic signature in one.

First, download Metamask, create a wallet in it, then send some ETH to that wallet. You can buy ETH with your credit card on exchanges.

Once the transaction is complete and you are confirmed, you can send it to Metamask. This process can take up to five days, but you should only do it at the beginning. Once you're done with that, things will get a lot easier.