Preserving Flowers in Resin

One of the reasons that we love preserving flowers in resin is that, once you learn this skill, you can create so many different types of items with it.

There is a growing trend of resin artists preserving sentimental flowers for their clients. Having your wedding or graduation bouquet preserved in resin has become very popular. That is a very special and specific project but there are tons of other things you can do with dried flowers too. Here is a short list of possibilities:

  • Coasters
  • Wall art
  • Paper weights
  • Book marks
  • Jewelry
  • Serving Trays

This list could go on and on but that gives you an idea of some of the amazing creations that are being made with dried flowers and resin. In the video below, Heather shows you how to make a piece of beautiful floral wall art.

You can preserve dried flowers in resin via

What kind of flowers to use

You can literally use any flower (or leaf for that matter) that you can get your hands on. The most important thing to remember is that your flowers have to be completely dried before you put them in the resin.

If there is any moisture left in your specimens they will discolor and rot in the resin which will ruin your project. Other than that restriction the sky is the limit! Buy them from the store, grow your own, or borrow from your neighbors (with permission of course)!

How to dry your flowers

You can dry your flowers in a couple of different ways. The tried and true method is to press your flowers between the pages of heavy books and leave them for a few weeks.