Printing Methods for Custom Shirts

People have been painting and printing designs on clothes for thousands of years. Whether it's a personalized t-shirt or t-shirt for college students or high school students or a sports t-shirt for a famous athlete, everything relies on personalized printing.

There are more than half a dozen accepted methods for applying designs to clothing. Most of them are easy to learn and quite affordable, which is why tens of thousands of small business owners open custom t-shirt shops every year. Where to start

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But before you buy something, you have to choose a printing method. Let's take a moment to review some of the most popular methods.

Screen printing

Screen printing has been around for over two thousand years. It consists of taking a large screen with a design and applying paint directly to the screen and then pasting the design onto a special t-shirt. Screen printing is fast and affordable and can be used to produce custom clothing in large quantities. 

Heat pressure

Designs can be printed on special paper or vinyl and then transferred to clothing using direct heat. This method is popular with small businesses that create a limited number of color designs. 

Jump to clothes

With this method, the ink is printed directly onto the custom t-shirt. Again, this process is ideal for small businesses as it takes more time and gives the printer more options. Many of the best t-shirt designers who charge hundreds for their clothes rely on this method.