Reasons Why Direct Promotional Mail Still Works And Why You Should Use It

Direct mail is still an effective way to acquire paying customers, keep in touch with customers and integrate any marketing strategy. You can also get more information about promotional direct mail via

promotional direct mail

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When you execute direct mail promotions correctly, there are distinct benefits. These benefits include:

1) Advertising that is highly selective and flexible : You can be discriminating! Direct mail is the best way to do this. You can add or subtract names right on the spot. You can remove unwanted names based on demographics, psychographics, or geography. You have the freedom to decide with whom you want to do business.

2) There is no space limit: Direct mail is very affordable. Direct mail is not like space advertising, or classifieds. You can only fit a limited number of lines or words into an ad.

3) Personal impact: Consumers are used to receiving commercial messages. They are now skeptical of commercial messages and it is much more difficult to convey your message to them.

Direct mail with a personal touch is the best way to market your product. Direct mail allows the direct marketer the opportunity to learn all about the customer and then create a promotion that looks like a handwritten letter to a friend or neighbor.

These direct mail benefits should be enough to make you reconsider that direct mail as part of your integrated marketing strategy.