Some Important Facts About Teeth Whitening Services In Scarborough

Teeth whitening has been available for several years, but recently it has topped the list of cosmetic procedures. More and more patients are asking dentists about teeth whitening and many are wondering if it has any side effects or can cause tooth decay.

Dentists will not recommend a treatment unless they are sure that it is safe and effective. Professional teeth whitening applied by dentists definitely falls into this category and no doubt it really works. You can contact to get teeth whitening in Scarborough.

People choose to whiten their teeth for a more confident and attractive smile. White teeth look better, but unfortunately, all teeth are discolored from eating and drinking. Over time, tea and coffee, as well as red wine, soft drinks, and food coloring, all contribute to discoloration.

Teeth whitening basically whitens the color of your teeth to improve your appearance by reducing tooth discoloration and making you smile brighter. However, the term “whitening” is misleading because teeth are different colors and no one really has white teeth. Teeth color is different, and some people’s teeth are naturally darker than others.

Whitening during operation is fast and makes an instant difference. During the procedure, the dentist applies a whitening gel to the teeth and activates the gel with a special glow.

Your teeth can be bleached with several colors and during the consultation you can use the chart with the tooth color to gain access to the current tooth color and to determine your whitening goals.