Size Guidelines For Selecting Area Rugs

Rugs are often the hallmark of a room and therefore must be chosen carefully. The rug you choose determines the overall tone of the room and is a factor that connects all the different components of the decor.

If you have a large room that is divided into more than one use area, an elegant grey rug can combine these rooms as a harmonious whole or further define different areas of the room to give the feeling of a separate living room.

blue and grey area rugs

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Room sized carpet

When choosing a room size rug, a good rule of thumb is to measure the space and make sure there is a gap of about 18 to 24 inches between the carpet and the walls on each side. This will help you achieve a balanced appearance that is not claustrophobic or overwhelming.

Dining rugs

When choosing a rug in a dining room, many people buy rugs that are too small for the purpose. While some carpet buyers focus primarily on the relationship between carpet size and dining room size, the space requirements of chairs are often overlooked in their use.

Carpet in hallway

Depending on the size of the hallway in your home, you will likely need a long, narrow rug – or runner – for this space. To get a balanced look and find a rug that is the right size for your hallway, remember that the rug you choose should be two to four inches narrower than the width of your hallway.