Avoid 5 Common Mistakes in Website Creation

A site can be created by anyone. You don't need to be an expert in web design or coding. However, you can sign into any website creator app to create your site. You should still be aware of a few rules if you are designing your first website. ACES funnel sites funnel builder are here to help you with your first website design.

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Start with the most common mistakes you will likely have to avoid:

1.Vexatious Navigation

This is when visitors to your website don't know how or where to find the information they need. The links are difficult to find, the buttons and tabs aren't obvious or are placed in the wrong place.

2. Website clutter:

Your homepage is your 'first impression'. It is the first thing that people see when they visit your website. This is your chance to make a lasting impression on them, and to keep them coming back for more. If the landing page is cluttered and garish, it may make viewers feel compelled to leave.

3. No call to action

A "Call to Action" invites website visitors to take action, usually through tabs or links. The motivation behind your website's Call to Action is key. To encourage visitors to download, subscribe, buy, register, share, and other tasks, you must use a Call to Action.

4. Old Content

Don't give the impression that you just created a website. Show the world you are dynamic and open to business! Individuals must realize that if they contact you via the website, you will answer their questions and give them prompt consideration

5. Go Live without Testing

The web design company will give you the tools to build your site, but you must also look over it for spelling mistakes, broken connections, and arrangement problems.