What Is Alternative Dispute Resolution Or ADR

Alternative dispute resolution is the legal process through which two or more parties embroiled in legal tug of war decide to settle their differences outside court, thereby eliminating any form of lawsuits or legal action.

This type of dispute resolution has been widely embraced all over the world and Ontario has been no different. For more information about ADR services, you can visit this site.

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Alternative dispute resolution measures have successfully helped numerous parties to settle their differences in cases ranging from divorces to worker’s compensation as well as business disputes, contract breaches, unlawful dismissals, etc.

This is the reason why many courts in the state of Ontario and other Canada states advise feuding parties to resort to this type of negotiation before proceeding to trial.

Numerous advantages can be derived from going ahead with an alternative dispute resolution process to settle your legal issues.

One of the main benefits is the fact that there are huge costs involved when a case goes to trial for all parties involved, which can be eliminated if you decide to hire an ADR lawyer to proceed with your case.

Alternative dispute resolution also gives you more freedom over your case including the fact that you will be able to choose your preferred arbitrator, etc. The level of flexibility in ADR cases is also very huge as legally feuding parties control the direction of the case; something that will be absent if the case goes to trial.