Bad Smell from the Sewer of your Home Basement may be Entering due to these Reasons

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It is nothing new if a home experiences bad smell to enter inside from the basement. Improper sealing of ejector pit, damaged sewer line, and dry floor drains are some of the reasons behind this problem. It is advised to get this problem sorted early in order to avoid heavy expenses. Let’s look at some of the reasons behind the smell that enters the interior from the sewer of the home basement.

  1. When the Ventilation is Poor – Bad smell enters the home due to poor ventilation in the laundry and bathroom. Moreover, if the vents aren’t fixed, then you can expect the problem to become worse.
  2. When the Ejector Pit and Pump are Sealed Poorly – If the home is equipped with a separate sewer line, then sealing the ejector pit is absolutely crucial. However, if the seal of the ejector pit is missing or improperly sealed, then you can expect bad smell to enter the house.
  3. When the Floor Drains are Incorrectly Used – Bad odor enters the house due to incorrect use of the floor drains. Incorrect use of the floor drains leads to condensation which in turn makes the smell worse once it is inside the house.
  4. When the Sewer Line is Damaged – A damaged sewer line is another reason for bad smell to enter the home. The smell becomes unbearable due to a leak to the sewer line which makes the matter worse by forcing waste water to enter inside the house. This problem can only be solved by hiring a professional plumber.

In Brisbane, plumbing and drainage related problems are fixed by professional plumbers.