Top Three Graphic Design Career Options

There are hundreds of job opportunities in the design world – graphic design is just one option. If you have decided that you want to pursue a career in graphic design, then you want to know about all the career options that you have to choose. 

Graphic design is not limited to arranging words and graphics for just one magazine or newspaper – it is only a small part of a graphic layoutSo, if you are considering a career in graphic design, here are three options you choose in a career:

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Web Designer

If coding and HTML are your things, then you can consider working as a webpage or website designer. Web designers should understand computer languages and create attractive websites for their customers. Projects can be large, or clients can be as small as they want – sometimes web designers are hired to create a specific page of a company's website. 

Flash Designer

Graphic designers who enjoy working online can choose freely, or work in-house for websites or companies that design or create websites. Flash designers use interactive Flash animation (which is one of the hottest things on the Internet right now) to design cool applications for their company's website. Flash Interactive can be used for advertising, information, or customer entertainment.


Working in advertising does not limit you to just designing and creating page layouts. To be successful in advertising, you must understand marketing, public relations, and consumer behavior. Your understanding of those business areas combined with your skills in graphic design allows you to design and execute successful advertising campaigns.