Use Of Gutter Guards

In certain areas of the country it's important to collect rain water which is done by using a cistern or in many cases rain barrels.

Cisterns are usually underground tanks that can hold upward of five thousand gallons of water whereas rain barrels are exactly that-an above ground barrel holding around 55 gallons. Decorative barrels are available.

Rain water is collected by the gutters which collect run off water from the building's roof. In cases where there is tree debris the quality of the collected water can be compromised by decaying debris from tree leaves and tree debris. You can also opt for best gutter protection system.

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Brushes in the gutter collect a lot of debris that require constant maintenance. They are cheap to install and expensive to maintain. Foam in the gutter will also accumulate debris on top and eventually block the water from getting into the gutter for collection.

This leaves the solid top gutter systems of which there are three basic designs. Google "Niagara gutter cover" and you'll find a basic fin type design. There are several major manufacturers that use this same basic design and some sell for over twenty dollars per foot.

 If light debris conditions you'll keep your cistern clean but with heavy debris conditions enough debris will wash over the fin and enter the gutter to both clog the gutter and pollute the cistern or rain barrel.