Why Should You Consider Tape Hair Extensions To Transform Your Look?

Tape-ins are strips of the finest quality human hair attached to your natural hair with the use of single-sided tape. They come in a wide range of chemical-free color options and give your hair an extra length and volume. They offer a seamless appearance without any lumps or bumps. They appear weightless and are very simple to utilize.

Tape-ins will give you a head full of hair and no one can tell the variation. Tape-ins are completely safe and they do not cause any kind of damage. As long as you have availed the service of a professional extensionist for its correct application, you have nothing to worry about. To know more about hair extensions visit http://mayahair.com/.

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Based on the thickness of your natural hair, the extensionist will be able to suggest the best method and the weight that your actual hair can handle without breaking. Since tape-ins are weightless, they do not pose any threat of breakages or bald patches. Tape-ins are known to last for a very long time and if you have properly applied it, you can forget about it for about 6 to 12 weeks.

This is a generous grant for your natural hair to increase and then, you have to reapply tape-ins. To enhance your extensions' life, clean it using sulfate-free products, apply a conditioner or leave-in detangler before combing your hair when it is moist, and dodge tagging at the tape when you are combing.