Identify Pain To Get Best Treatment

Pain can be disturbing. Sometimes, pains can be so severe that the entire functioning of a person's life changes dramatically. While in other cases, moderate pains that never seem to disappear, plague the lives of those affected with the same. As the first attempt to treat the pain, people usually seek over-the-counter drugs that are easily available even without prescriptions.

Some pains, the causes of which are not too severe, disappear with these. However, in case of severe pains or, nagging moderate pains that persist, these over-the-counter drugs can only manage to dull the pains temporarily. When the affected individuals suffer for months, and still get no relief, it is time to get the minimally invasive spine surgery with the pain management doctors.

It is very essential to identify the cause of the pains before attempting to treat them the same. The wrong diagnosis will lead to wrong treatment. Self-diagnosis is worse and has often been the cause for permanent damages to health through grossly wrong medication.

Diagnosing the root cause of the pains is the first thing that pain management doctors would do followed by suggesting the right pain management program. Handling pain is not a simple procedure of identification and medication and disappearance of the pain. It is a long and tedious process of understanding the pain, the person suffering it, and also the lifestyle that is led by the same.

Some people get aches in the neck because of minor accidents or falls, while others may get it because of the wrong sleeping position. While one may suffer back pain for adopting a bad sitting posture for a long time, the others may get it because of wearing nothing but stilettos 24 / 7.

Know About Back Pain Treatment

While there is a general view that life's various irritations are reflected as pain in the neck, the fact remains that millions of people suffer from low back pain.

As per a report brought out by the National Center for Health Statistics, four types of pain were found to exist among survey respondents, the most common were low back pain (27%), severe headache, also known as migraine pain (15%), pain in the neck (15%), and facial ache (4%).  To live pain-free life people suffering from this issue must opt for treatments to relieve this problem.

In fact, it is estimated that over 26 million people in the age group of 20 to 64 suffer from frequent back pain. And the incidence is more among women than men (29% vs. 25%).

In most cases, low back pain goes away in a couple of days. However, some persist for a longer duration, and if not treated in time, it could develop into a serious health condition.

Traditional treatments that include medications for low back pain usually treat the symptom, while not affecting the cause of the pain. Research has shown that massage therapy remains a proven treatment to alleviate back pain while lowering the cost of care needed for overcoming pain.

Neuromuscular therapy is a massage technique that remains an effective treatment for lower back pain. Also known as trigger point myotherapy, neuromuscular therapy works wonders in treating back pain effectively that was caused due to soft tissue injury like a muscle strain.

Spasmodic muscles feel pain when it is touched. This is due to ischemic muscle tissue that lacks correct blood flow as a result of muscle spasm. This leads to less oxygen flow to the affected muscle, causing the formation of lactic acid, which makes the muscle feel sore after some physical activity.