What Is The Role Of Onboarding Software For the HR Department?

Onboarding employees are your greatest asset – great people are your greatest asset. Regardless of whether your organization is large or small, make sure you set the stage for its success by making a positive first impression. One UX approach that is rapidly gaining popularity is the use of local walks and tours. 

With the help of page orientation onboarding tools such as tooltips and overlays, users can become familiar with the various functions of the website and, through the self-service method, become more comfortable with their virtual new hire onboarding environment without having to do cumbersome and time-consuming training.

There's another way to deal with navigation issues: Most websites that take a Lean approach use a flat user interface, a design concept that minimizes bulk browsing and relies on endless scrolling. 

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This works for the front site which only needs a place to demonstrate its function, whereas the service itself can be downloaded or provided in a separate system.

The web designer does a lot of testing before launching the final version of the website and then makes changes to completion. A / B testing (showing different versions for two groups of users and collecting data based on clicks and conversion goals) is very popular in this area.

However, more sophisticated reusable websites with multiple conversion targets are more difficult to navigate intuitively and may require guidance to direct users to where they are going. Fortunately, there are some great solutions to the challenge.