TIG Welding And Its Uses

Tig welding gives the user the ability to control the welding processes and employs a non-consumable electrode, referred to as a tungsten electrode. The welding industry utilizes this process of welding to join stainless steel as well as nonferrous metals such as aluminum, magnesium, and copper. Tig is the most widely used welding device.

In this article, we're going to talk about the different types of TIG welding machines in detail so that, at the close of this article you will be able to learn the various kinds of welders that are available for TIG welding. There are five kinds of tig welding machines offered, and they include the  200 model, 200 DX, 225 LX power 250 EX, power tig 315 DX. 

These have high capacity so these machines can be used for industrial purposes and their light weight makes it easy to transport and these machines can be used in the following areas like welding repair, motorsports, automotive, commercial maintenance, machine shops, and shipyard industry. The other machines have the same features as the above one and differ only in a few aspects.

All these welding machines are of Infineon IGBT inverter type and with the help of these machines, you can weld different types of metals with different thicknesses, and also, the recommended electrode diameter varies. Each type is typically used for different settings and these machines indicate if the required current exceeds due to its over-current warning facility. So with the help of tig welding, the user can weld different metals with quality welds and this process allows for stronger and higher quality products.