Top Qualities of an Instructional Designer

The role of an Instructional Designer is in developing the look and feel and functionality of instructions. 

Their work is similar to an architect – creating the blueprint well before the development of an e-learning course. You can also look for the best Instructional Designer and Elearning Developer via

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A designers' work is important as the effectiveness, efficiency, and appeal of the learning experience depend on it. They define the outcome of the instruction and create the core structure of the e-learning solution. So, what are the qualities or skills required for a designer?

In general, qualities like innovation, creativity, visualization skills, business sense, and an eye for detail make for an excellent instructional designer.

Desirable Qualities of the Instructional Designers

How does an Instructional Designer shine in his or her job? What makes them unique? Here is the list of qualities of an ideal Instructional designer:

  1. Capability to understand and analyze learning needs

  2. Good conceptual knowledge of web-based communication

  3. Capable of developing instructions based on how people learn

  4. Intuitively understand the needs of the end-user

  5. Ability to create learning material that connects with users on an emotional level

  6. Think and imagine oneself in the shoes of a learner/audience

  7. Conduct research on user groups to find the learner persona and their needs

  8. Take decisions based on proven instructional design methods

  9. Develops meaningful and measurable goals

  10. Breaks down the job into a small manageable task for easy execution

  11. Designs self-contained module using interactive multimedia technologies

  12. Create/develop task only where absolutely necessary

  13. Use relevant, appropriate examples and analogies to aid learning