Understanding 3D Exterior and 3D Interior Rendering

The days of hand-drawn 2D images for interior design are gone. Today's professionals in the construction industry rely heavily upon 3D exterior rendering to present their designs to clients and give them an accurate idea of the final product.

3D exterior rendering is quite a different game. A room can be visualized in 3D in virtual space. Each aspect, including walls, openings, and furniture, is modeled in detail. The entire exterior of the building is also generated in 3D on the computer. Each architectural feature is detailed.

3d exterior rendering

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The surfaces are initially not given any colors or materials. The whole model is created in a 3D wireframe mesh. The mesh is like a house made with matchsticks. After the mesh has been installed, it is time to give life to the model by assigning materials and finishes to each surface.

This stage gives you a better idea about the final artwork. This is also the best time for the designer to examine his creation. It is possible to rotate and view the objects from all angles. The designer can examine his design and make any necessary modifications. The 3D model cannot be altered beyond this point.

The model is then lit up. A scene is chosen based on the best angle and viewpoint, and the image is rendered. This long process is done on the computer with special rendering software. It creates realistic effects in the image by adding lighting to it.

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