Vaping Is Safe: Recent Study Suggests

It does not deny the fact that e-cigarettes are far less harmful than traditional tobacco cigarettes. However, the concern of the side effects of vaping e-cigarette is still there. 

People still believe that e-cigarettes affect our body like conventional cigarettes do. Since e-liquid nicotine is nicotine, it harms our body. If you are looking for vaping products then you can buy e-liquid in Pakistan.

But the truth is, vaping does not affect our bodies at all. In fact, e-juice vaping, as good as VGöD e-juice, can keep you in shape and help you stay away from cigarette addiction.

If you are among those still in doubt that vaping is harmful to your body, then this content is for you. 

According to research by, a scientific report was made on the basis of e-cigarette users who have never smoked. They use e-cigarettes for three and a half years, and no significant health changes were observed over time.

There were two groups in the search. A, e-cigarette users daily who have never smoked before and the group who never smoked. 

Heart rate, blood pressure, body weight, respiratory symptoms, pulmonary function, exhaled carbon monoxide exhaled nitric oxide breathing and CORD (high resolution computed tomography) were included in the study . The interesting fact is, research has found no changes in the lungs and airways.

The average age of people who were part of this research, was 29.7 years. This research has not been done to demonstrate the health problems that people could face long-term use.