Visit a National Park in Jamaica

Jamaica is known for the sparkling waters of the blue sea, white sandy beaches and all inclusive vacation package, but there is much more to this small island. Hidden among the Blue Mountains is a spectacular national park. The National Holywell Recreational Park is the perfect attraction for those interested in eco-tourism spot.  If you are looking for Jamaica resort packages then check

The Holywell Park makes a small part of the larger Blue Mountain Park. If you're not into hiking in extreme terrain, this is a great place to end your trip up the Blue Mountains.

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At 3500 feet above sea level, the park has some of the best scenery around. You will be able to see for miles around. With the Caribbean Sea around, the view can not be beat. Everywhere you look you will see lush vegetation and tropical foliage. Tropical mist often seems to hover over the park, so cool and fresh mountain air. Many Caribbean pine trees you will see since been replanted since two damaging storms came through the area.

Take time out of your Caribbean hotels to visit this park and see some of the most unique plants you have ever seen. Holywell Park is home to the smallest orchid in the world, so keep your eyes peeled for this amazing view. They will be difficult to see because they are so small, but if you can see them you will marvel at their unique beauty. The park also has a bamboo plant that only flowers once every 33 years.

While this area of the island is surrounded by extreme calm and quiet, there are also large animals that can be found here. Jamaican Boa can be found in this forest so make sure you watch where you're going. You can also find Giant Swallowtail butterfly. This butterfly is known as the largest in the Western Hemisphere. You will also find lots of tropical birds will sing to you their songs are beautiful.