What Is a Referral Pad

Referral pads are forms that a medical professional can give to patients to schedule an appointment with another doctor. This form includes basic information needed to process the patient's referral. The dentist can use this document to speed up the referral process.

Instead of having to create a referral by themselves, the dentist can simply grab a referral pad already printed with your contact information and location on it and fill it out quickly. Referral pads offer a simple template to fill out the referral information. They also display the branding of the orthodontic office.

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Referral pads: Why you should start using them

You have a greater chance of increasing your patient base by creating great-looking referral cards and supplying them to local dentist offices. Referring patients to an orthodontic office that has provided them with a referral pad is a more natural way for dentists to recommend you. A well-made referral card will automatically show professionalism and make it easier for dentists to refer patients to you.

This can help you figure out which dentist offices are good business partners to maintain and which offices you should communicate with more. When a patient gets a referral form in their hands, they are more likely to feel at ease about visiting your office. Plus, having a sleek referral pad that looks great may make them more likely to show up in the first place.