What Is Apple MagSafe Wireless?

One of the most valuable features that Apple has been known to implement within their devices is MagSafe. Magsafe allows users to connect wirelessly and makes sure that you do not get shocked by accidentally touching the metal charging cords in your pocket or on your desk!

The History of MagSafe

MagSafe was developed by Apple in 2003. It is a ground-based wire that connects from the power cord to a connector on the laptop. The wire contains metal strips that short circuit when touched by an object and will not allow the machine to be plugged into any type of outlet except for one that is Magsafe compatible. This means that there is no risk of electric shock, as with most other power cords on other laptops.

How Does Apple Magsafe Wireless Work?

MagSafe cables were introduced by Apple with the original release of the MacBook Air in 2008. MagSafe is a wireless charging solution for its products. MagSafe cables are designed to prevent injuries that would otherwise occur from electrical shocks and fires caused by risky current.


The MagSafe cable has a magnetic connector on one end and a lightning connector on the other end. If you pull out your laptop charger from any device with the MagSafe cable, it will automatically release the connection, preventing electrical shock or fire from occurring.

What Apple Devices Have MagSafe Connectors?

MagSafe is a connector that's used on MacBook laptops, iPhone and iPad. It has two metal prongs that plug into the laptop or device and then it has a cord. MagSafe is designed to break away from the device in case of an emergency so that the user doesn't get hurt. 

MagSafe lets users connect the magnetically charged wire and plug to charge the device without the hassle of re-plugging. The system works with ease, providing a convenient charging experience and a way to save time.