What Type Of Rental Bike Fits Your Ride?

Bike rentals lend bicycles for a short period, usually a few hours. Most rentals are offered by bike shops as a sideline to their main sales and service business, but those businesses specialize in rentals.

As with car rentals, bike rentals mainly cater to people who do not have access to a vehicle, usually passengers and especially hot ones, and others charge a monthly or yearly fee. You can choose the top rental bike in Israel for a comfortable ride.

The following is a breakdown of the types of bicycles that are commonly used.

Explorer bikes- They are heavy but very comfortable for a leisurely afternoon outing. Because of their design, cruisers are best for walking on city surfaces or sidewalks.

City bikes- Also known as "Travel Bikes", these bikes are ideal for everyday use. From ordering in the city to driving to work, they are designed for efficient point-to-point driving.

Racing bike- A lightweight racing bike with narrowing tires designed for speed on smooth surfaces. If you're working out, this is the bike you'll want to rent. However, you should avoid black trails or mixed surfaces – because race bikes are best used on real pavement.

Mountain bike- For off-road use mountain bikes have bombproof frames and upright positions for a rugged adventure. With large disc brakes and tires that provide plenty of stability and constant brake power that will help you manage your speed. You'll find a variety of mountain bikes, starting with entry-level cross-country bikes designed for novices to full-on downhill bikes that are great for rowdy rides at bikes in the park.