Why White Stone Tiles Are A Great Choice For Kitchen Counter?

Whitestone is usually marble which is a natural stone. To be specific, white stone tiles offer a distinctly elegant look to your indoor spaces with natural color, bright background, and veining or swirling pattern.

Natural rock sealing will give it a protective shield against stains, apart from blocking its pores and making it resistant against water, fluids, stains, and scratches.

Quarried in different parts of the work, white marble stone can be available in varying shades and styles. For example, White Oak, Gold, and Carrara are totally different materials and have different shades and textures.

Commoners and house owners see all the white stones like marble. They are different in terms of look and many other characteristics.

For example, Carrara is white in deep gray shade and softer veining, and Gold is whiter with thick veining of yellow, gold, or brown.

The bright white background and gold/gray veining and linear patterns of white stone make it a unique surface option in residential and commercial environments.

Just like any other natural stone, these stone tiles too can be used throughout residential buildings – starting from the living room floor to the bathroom wall to the kitchen counter.

It is a very delicate material. Therefore, you will need to be a bit careful while using it for your kitchen counter. It has a porous surface, which should be sealed every year.

The pores on the stone will absorb the color from spills. And because of that, there are chances of permanent staining.